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Quotes from past 'Uplift' participants -

"I notice when I am entering a negative spiral and trying to realise the good things around me."

"I am taking things slower and being less tough on myself."

"I would recommend it, change the way you think and move your body - change your life. Not just theoretical - you can feel the course at work!" Uplift Participant and Business Manager

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'Let's Go Rahh!!'

Quotes from past 'Let's Go Rahh!!' participants -

"I felt so at ease in the session [...] It was really special [...] to have the element of surprise and curiosity and the chance to discover TOGETHER.""

"We left the sessions feeling very accomplished, energised and positive."

"It's such a strange time now (with Covid) and it does get very lonely, so having the group has been so meaningful and supportive."

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Let's Create'

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