Exercise class for children

Let's Get Going Community Interest Company is passionate about helping you feel good through movement, play and creativity!

Feeling good is the key!!

The Easter Bunny Trails is now ON!!

Join in the fun in Sandy town. Collect your quiz questions from Sandy Library or access them here via Google Forms with this link Click here for the Quiz .

Answer the questions, find the bunnies and draw your creations! Send your answers in by the 22.04.22 to win one of 3 prizes! Some donated by Let's Get Going CIC to keep you moving and making, and some donated by Liane's Book Corner!! To keep you reading and learning! Take a look at Liane's Book Corner for more information on the local Book Trails!! More seeking and fun around Sandy, Biggleswade and Potton. Here is the link Liane's Book Corner

Beautiful sky in Luton after a very exciting meeting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a wonderful project for this year.

What ever is happening, I love to look up to the sky. No matter where I am the sky is constantly changing forming reforming, all shapes and colours, effortless and takes my breath away every time I look at it. This didn't used to be the way, I would be so bothered in my thoughts I would rarely look up and I very rarely appreciated it. Now though, the more I look and see the clouds the more the cloud formations change! The more you look the more you see. It just starts with taking a moment.

What are we up to?

Sandy Baptist church for Older and Wisers 1.30 - 3.00pm and Let's Create Club at 3.30pm - 5.00pm.

Online Uplift Sessions still available please email to book your spot info@letsgetgoingcic.com

Are you shielding or vulnerable in some way?

Are you an organisation that works with adults and families on a low income, victims of domestic abuse or with mental health challenges?

We have funding for people to join our sessions free of charge! Please get in contact to discuss services for your clients.

For individuals, please complete this form to find out if you qualify for a funded place. If you are, you can be directed to the booking page for all of our sessions!

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Who Are We?

'Let's Get Going' is a Community Interest Company that thrives on making a difference. We provide a range of services designed to increase the emotional well-being of individuals through connecting with their core feelings.

'Let's Get Going' works with individuals, and families to achieve this goal. Through gentle movements, music, fun, creativity and 'feeling' what feels good to you, we will make your 'now' a better place! We want everyone to remember that, though sometimes clouds can be present, the sun is always shining.

We are so proud to have been successful with grants from Team Beds & Luton, Sport England, Gales Trust, Local Connections Fund, The Inequalities Fund, and Central Bedfordshire Council Community Ward Fund without their help we would not have been able to have delivered the sessions and helped as many families as we have.

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